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Followed Footsteps

Tread lightly in their steps. Those worlds are not your home, and the space between them harbors doom.

Followed Footsteps is a campaign set in the multiverse of Magic the Gathering.


  • Followed Footsteps uses the D&D 5th edition core rules, plus any “Plane Shift” material released by wizards of the Coast. Players unfamiliar with the lore of Magic: The Gathering can brush up on the Magic Resources page. Generally speaking, anything in the core game is legal so long as it can be justified within the lore of the applicable plane. For example, a character from Zendikar could not be an orc, but a character from Tarkir could.
  • The format of each quest will be decided case by case. Most will be done via play-by-post on the forum. Some chapters, such as a dungeon sequence or short story, may be done in real time over skype and with Maptools at the consent of the players.

Home Page

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